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Red Hay Barn in Winter Wins Special Merit in Landscape Competition

Red Hay Barn in Winter won a Special Merit Award (painted media division) in the Northern Light Gallery’s Landscape Competition. I had been wanting to paint a red barn for some time when I finally came across this beautiful reference photo by Priscilla Rink. The barn in the photo was a deeper red, more maroon, but I changed it to be a bright red. This was one of the first paintings that I have painted in acrylics and one my first on Gessobord. I really enjoy the subtle texture of the Gessobord. Red Hay Barn in Winter was made with acrylics on 14″x11″ Gessobord.


March 2023 – Landscape Competition
Award: Special Merit (Painted Media)
Artwork Name: Red Hay Barn in Winter
Show/Gallery: Northern Light Gallery
Link to show results:

Red Hay Barn in Winter – 14×11″ in acrylics on Gessobord – Special Merit Award


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