Commission Pricing

Current pricing through June 30th, 2023

All prices are in US dollars. These are the starting pricing based off of simple backgrounds, one subject, basic head shot portraits, etc. Detailed whole body portraits, detailed backgrounds and complicated extras (such as a detailed item within the picture) will increase the price, please email me for a quote.

Contact me for a quote on custom sizing or sizing not listed here. Pastelmat for pastel drawings can be cut to any size. Paintings on gessobord, canvas, etc are limited to the sizes available of the media requested – I can see what sizes are available upon request.

The square inch measurement is listed so that you can estimate the size difference between the various sizes and so that you can have an idea of the pricing of sizes not shown.

Multiple Pets

Multiple subjects: In some cases, it is possible to combine more than one subject (from different photos) into one portrait. I can try my best to combine them in Photoshop to produce one photo reference. Please contact me about details and let me know what you are wanting.


All pastel drawing are on Pastelmat paper. Pastelmat is a thick paper that feels like velvet and is the industry standard for pastel drawings. I hand cut the paper to size for each commission. I can do any exact size you’d like up to 18.5”x26.25”. I always cut my paper 1” larger than the commission size. This gives me room to tape the paper down to my drawing board. When drawing the artwork, I always extend my drawing just a little bigger than the chosen size so that when the drawing is framed, there won’t be any areas on the edge where the paper might show. In the photo below, you can see where my drawing is taped down to my art board. The photo on the right shows how an 8”x10” drawing is on 9”x11” paper, but when you put it into a frame (shown by the computer generated red line), a little of the drawing will be hidden by the frame. All artwork is made with lightfast pastels.

I currently paint on 1/8” thick Ampersand Gessobord – sizes available: 8”x8”, 8”x10”, 9×12”, 10”x10”, 11”x14”, 12”x12”, 12”x16”, 12”x24”, 14”x18”, 16”x16”, 16”x20”, 18”x24”, 18”x36” and 24”x36”.

I keep 8”x10”, 11”x14” and 16”x20” in stock because these are the most common sizes. For other sizes, I usually will have to order the boards, which might add to the estimated date of completion. I will let you know when you order if that is the case.


Decide if you would like a simple background, detailed background or no background at all (only available on pastel drawings – the paper color will be the background). I can give you recommendations on what will look best.

  • No background (only available in pastel drawings)
    The color of the paper will the background color. We can discuss color options available.
  • Simple background
    I can suggest background colors to compliment your pet. I can do one solid color, gradient, etc.
  • Detailed background
    Depending on the background in the photo, I can recreate the background. There is an increase in price for detailed backgrounds.


Before choosing a size, I’d suggest you check to see if that size is readily available in standard frames if you are not getting it custom framed. A protective sheet is included when shipped to protect the drawing until framed. Be careful not to touch the drawing, this is where the extra area on the side comes in handy. Frame under glass ASAP. I do NOT spray my drawings with a fixative or sealant. Fixatives and sealants can damage the drawing and alter the artwork color, therefore I never use any. Even with a fixative, you should not touch pastel artwork. If you are putting the drawing into a frame that is exactly the size of the drawing without a mat, you can cut the drawing down to framing size if needed. You can cut the Pastelmat with an exacto knife or scissors. Just be careful not to smear the pastels. I suggest using a frame with a mat to avoid this. I will include a sticker about care of the drawing with the commission. Clients tell me they like to place the sticker on the back of the framed drawing in case they ever want to re-frame it in the future. Note: Framing is NOT included, artwork is shipped to you unframed.

Gessobord is 1/8” thick and sturdy. You can have it framed by your local framer or craft store, such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Gessobord is sturdy and can be set on a mantel, shelf, etc. without any framing. Note: Framing is NOT included, artwork is shipped to you unframed.


I will ship your artwork by Priority USPS mail, unless otherwise noted. Local pickup is available for local clients around Mansfield, Texas. Tracking information will be provided. For international shipping, please email me for details. Shipping is $15-$20 for domestic priority shipping. If express shipping is needed for any reason, please contact me for price quote.