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Amber Extraordinaire Wins Honorable Mention

My painting of a dear friend, titled Amber Extraordinaire, won a Honorable Mention award in the Ten Moir Gallery’s Faces Art Exhibition. This portrait was a special gift for a friend. This is Amber, my friend and inspiration. Amber is also an artist, but creates more free and abstract art. She once commented on my work and how jealous she was of my ability to create realistic art (mostly animals and wildlife). I don’t paint/draw people and I don’t do loose or abstract. I replied that I was jealous of her style! That conversation inspired me to paint my first person (her of course!) and in a style way outside my comfort zone. Amber is not only my inspiration in this piece of art, but an inspiration in my life. Amber is full of life and you can always count her for an uplifting word. And let’s not forget that amazing laugh and smile. That’s why I call this piece: Amber Extraordinaire. Amber Extraordinaire was painted in watercolor and gouache on 8″x10″ watercolor paper.


February 2023 – Faces Art Exhibition
Award: Honorable Mention
Artwork Name: Amber Extraordinaire
Show/Gallery: Ten Moir Gallery
Link to show results:


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