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Amber Extraordinaire Wins Honorable Mention

My painting of a dear friend, titled Amber Extraordinaire, won a Honorable Mention award in the Ten Moir Gallery's Faces Art Exhibition. This portrait was a special gift for a friend. This is Amber, my friend and inspiration. Amber is also an artist, but creates more free and abstract art. She once commented on my… Continue reading Amber Extraordinaire Wins Honorable Mention

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Chopper Wins Overall Honorable Mention

My drawing of a Chopper (in pastels) just won an Overall Honorable Mention award in the Wild Heart Gallery's 1st Annual Animal Portraiture Open International Juried Art Exhibition. This pet portrait was a special gift for a friend. It is also one of my favorite pet portraits I have created to date. Chopper is 8"x10"… Continue reading Chopper Wins Overall Honorable Mention

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First Solo Art Exhibition

For as long as I can remember, I fantasized about having an art exhibition where my artwork was on display for others to see. I intentionally use the word fantasized as opposed to dreamed. According to the dictionary, fantasy means "the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable". The… Continue reading First Solo Art Exhibition